Book Review ~ Corvette Racing the GT1 Years by Nigel S Dobbie

Corvettes have been a part of GT racing since the mid 1950’s, but they have only raced officially since 1999, and in that time have become one of the most popular and dedicated teams on the grid at any event, emphasised by the amount of fans wearing ‘Jake’ caps/t-shirts, and the grin that everyone wears when the thundering V8 shakes the ground as it passes you. In this book, Nigel Dobbie has put together a comprehensive history of both Corvette Racing and the various European privateer teams that campaigned the GT1 car from 1999-2009 with some stunning illustrations to accompany the in-depth text.

There are a lot of websites that will document the history of a certain marque, or racing team but nothing will come close to having this information in your hands, and far more detailed information is present in this book than on any website, a year by year analysis of GT1 Corvette activity on both sides of the Atlantic with a strong focus on the Le Mans 24 hour race. Clear sharp photos, sometimes full or double page spreads, mostly taken by the author accompany the text, which covers offtrack events and ontrack, including covering what opposition the Corvettes had in particular races.

This is not a coffee table book; it is more one that should be a part of any serious Corvette/Le Mans or GT racing fans bookshelf. The wealth of information present is almost overwhelming at times, a detailed chassis history combined with biographies of all of the factory Corvette Racing drivers and comprehensive results.

With the wealth of information and photos there were a few omissions which surprised me, mainly with illustrations. Given the popularity of the Jake brand, I was surprised not to see a photo of either the ‘Take No Prisoners’ testcar or the ‘Bad Boy Jake’ liveried cars from Laguna Seca in 2007, but this is offset by many photos of the European cars which provide a splash of colour away from the factory car liveries.

I would recommend it, given the sheer amount of information present, with some superb photos to accompany the text, but it would be more of a book to read than just look at the photos, all of which are in colour, so if like me you like history, facts and figures this is the book for you!
With the book limited to 250 copies worldwide I would suggest a prompt purchase, but given that GT1 Corvette C6R’s will race their final season in 2011, there could well be a final version covering every season from 2005-2011. And then there is the GT2 C6R…

Rating 8/10

Cover: Paperback
Pages: 306pp
ISBN: 9781906236373
ISBN-10: 1906236372
ISBN-13: 978-1906236373´╗┐

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