The Galleries At Long Beach

Rick DoleMining photographic nuggets from the concrete canyons of the Grand Prix at Long Beach is no easy task. You walk. You climb. You sit. You wait. Oh, and given the fact you’re a mere mortal and in spite of the fact you’re schlepping 20lbs. of state-of-the-art digital gear… you miss.

Fortunately for us, some miss less than others. And, I’m happy to report, I once again find myself in the company of two of the best in business. Rick Dole and Regis Lefebure never fail to deliver. Not ones to concern themselves with every car, every corner or every lap, Dole and Lefebure continually deliver the unique.

Though time was not on our side, I think you’ll enjoy the results of our efforts.

John ThawleyRegis LefebureRick Dole

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