2010 Naples Cars On 5th

Click on image to view the full gallery of Cars On Fifth by John ThawleyNaples Cars on 5th… a great show presented in a great venue. Cars On Fifth is an annual event that takes place on 5th Avenue in downtown Naples. The show, hosted by the Ferrari Club of Naples, is a terrific eclectic mix of Ferraris, exotics, muscle cars and cruisers. Nearly 400 cars line 5th Avenue just blocks from the beach and Gulf of Mexico. And it just keeps getting better each year.

The crowd is electric. Like no other show, Cars on 5th attracts a wide variety of spectators. While the displayed cars certainly carry a respectful amount of pedigree, I think the variety creates a format providing something for everyone. Each category is well represented. The club opens it doors to other participating clubs and each will help organize a specific category. So you’ve got a great collection of Ferraris and exotics. A wide range of vintage Corvettes, cruisers and muscle cars and a German contingency representing Porsche and BMW. Not to be out done, even the Rolls Royce and Bentley crowd can be seen standing tall… man those things are huge.

If you’ve never been to Naples, it’s definitely a must-see town. Great shopping, dining all within walking distance of the beach. Add 400 show cars, mid 70 degree weather and a soft ocean breeze… in the words of Tony Soprano, fu-ged-abou-dit. Cars on 5th might just fall under the heading of “Perfect.”

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