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© 2010 | Thawley

©2010 Dole Photo

©2010 Regis LefebureWe easily log 30,000 plus miles per year. We drag 40 plus pounds of camera gear and we practically get to know TSA inspectors by name. The airports look alike, the car rental counters seem to get taller as the season wears on. And by time Road America and Mosport roll around, you sit in an airport lounge waiting for yet another delayed flight wondering if you made the right career choice.

But then you get trackside. You fire off a few frames. You point your 500mm at the crest under the bridge coming into Road America’s turn six or at the evil off camber sky shot at the top of Mosport’s turn two and you get that rush. And you remember… this is a pretty damn good job.

And long as the season may feel… as crumby as the airports and travel may get, there always comes that time where you dig a little deeper trying to raise your game. You know there are other eyes out there. Guys like John Brooks, Richard Prince, Bob Chapman… they’re all digging in, they’re all looking for that extra edge. That shot that leaves fans, admirers and yes, other photographers shaking their heads wondering, “wow… how’d he do that? How come I didn’t see that?”

Races like Sebring, Laguna and Petit build a fire in your belly. These are the races that have unique opportunities built in. Well, maybe not built in. But the potential is there. Late day opportunities, sunset, twilight, night practice… pit stops under the lights - and every photographer there… like the teams and competitors… everyone has their game face on.

So as we end the season with arguably the ALMS Superbowl, Petit Le Mans, SCi presents you with the very best efforts of Rick Dole, Regis Lefebure, and me, John Thawley. I know with every aching bone in my body… we left it all out on the track. No effort was spared. From 20,000 plus images shot over 5 days in Atlanta, we’ve narrowed it down to  130 frames. It comes down to this. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed the hunt.


Rick Dole

Regis Lefebure

John Thawley

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