TEAM NEWS: Autocon Creation Arrives

I just got this note from Chris McMurry sharing his excitement of the new arrival(s) at Autocon. Great stuff!!!

John, the Creation arrived today via American Airlines at Los Angeles International Airport. The first image is the car being moved from the American Airlines cargo facility through customs and to the team trailer.

Good quote from Autocon’s VP Business Development Michael Kramer: “There was a great deal of attention around the car. With all of the employees being union guys, they all quit working for about 90 minutes and stood around taking pictures of the car. In my next life I'm coming back as union employee...sweet gig!”

Later in the day the car arrived at the Autocon shop (second attachment near San Diego), about 3 hours south of LAX. Mike Lewis’ wife Peg is expecting their second child in a few months, and you can tell from the image that Mike is as contemplative and delirious about the car as he will be standing next to the nursery sometime soon.

The team (and all three drivers) will be testing the car next Monday in Salt Lake City. All the three drivers are looking forward to the bigger tires, predictable application of normally aspirated power, and the newer, faster car. Sadly, I’ll have to wait until after Lime Rock to race it (since SLC is Mike/Bryan as drivers)!


Chris M.

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