TEAM NEWS: BimmerWorld Looks East For More Success

Photo by John Thawley Coming off a strong team effort at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah last weekend, the BimmerWorld team of James Clay and Seth Thomas has more top 10 and top 5 aspirations firmly in sight. Both Clay and

Thomas fought though a virus at Miller on their way to 9th and 5th place; the incredible BimmerWorld crew also suffered from the same virus, made worse by the high desert heat.

With the major performance leap in the team's BMW E90's having sown itself in top qualifying pace and strong race performances, expectations for Clay and Thomas to

carry their Utah success in the next round this weekend at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut are high.

Lime Rock, while not always the site of positive results for the BimmerWorld team in the past, is a track well suited for the hard work and chassis developments the drivers and crew have poured into the E90's.

Team owner Clay looks forward to the event. "I like the track...when it doesn't rain. That place is always wet and we're always trying to stay dry! Since it's typically a little bit cold for this race, that also means visibility is minimal; Lime Rock was where I learned to use the "wipin' stick" for the fog on the inside of the windshield.

Assuming it stays dry, I like our chances there. I think the E90s should do well; a lot of the work we did over the winter was to get more compliance out of the suspension and certainly Lime Rock is a test of that. Now if we can keep everyone healthy, it will be a great weekend!"

Seth Thomas, currently 5th in points, is aiming for his 3rd

consecutive start inside the top four at a track that's bitten him more than once in the past.

"I haven't had the best of luck at Lime Rock. My rookie year (2004) I got bumped off the track by Memo Gidley

trying to be a hero, and in 2005 I was bumped off the track into the woods by another driver trying to be a hero out of the Uphill. It's been a tough track for me. On a good note I have always been pretty fast there and I look forward to having the E90 there for the first time. I think the E90s will do really well at Lime Rock as the turns

are mid-to-high-speed turns which the car excels at. The car really likes to carry speed into a turn and then drive it out which from what I remember about LRP all the turns are that way. Plus this weekend I will be pulling double duty driving in both the World Challenge race

on Monday and in a BMW in another series on Saturday. With all the track time and driving BMWs all weekend I think this is going to be a great race for us!"

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