TEAM NEWS: K-PAX Porsches qualify 1st and 3rd for SCCA SPEED WCGT race at Lowes Speedway

Photo by John Thawley Charlotte N.C. (May 24, 2007): Michael Galati and Randy Pobst qualified their K-PAX/3R Racing/Jim Haughey LLC Porsche GT3 Cup cars in 1st and 3rd position at opposite ends of the qualifying session today here at Lowes Motor Speedway in Charlotte North Carolina for Round 4 of SCCA Pro Racing’s SPEED World Challenge GT Championship Series.

Michael Galati, of Olmstead Ohio, let his first lap do his talking for him as he blasted off the fastest lap of the session on his first full lap of the 1.5 mile pseudo road circuit fashioned out of the Lowes Motor Speedway in Charlotte as he recorded the pole time of 49.293 seconds for a lap average of 108.088 mph to claim his first World Challenge pole since 2004 at his home track of Mid-Ohio.

“The K-PAX Porsche was pretty good today,” said Michael Galati with his usual casual smile. “The 3R Racing team kept making changes to improve the car and it was great on the very first lap!

”No,” Galati answered to the possibility of him trying to improve his time later in the unusually long session. “I had come in and cooled off the tires and I went back out but my second flying lap lost a couple of tenths so I just parked it and waited to see if anyone could beat my time. It seemed like the session lasted forever!”

“It was a pretty good day for the K-PAX and 3R Racing team today,” said 3R Racing’s Bob Raub. “Randy was only 3 thousandths away from making it an all K-PAX Porsche front row so it was pretty exciting for our team today.

“We really didn’t expect to do this well on this track because we don’t have the straight line speed t keep up with the other GT cars but we have these Porsches getting through these tight chicanes better than anybody so Michael and Randy can get on the gas sooner to make up for the speed differential on the straights.”

Randy Pobst, of Gainesville Georgia, began the session with the second best lap time of 49.548 after his first lap in his #23 K-PAX Porsche but was soon dropping positions as the competition dropped Pobst back to 5th. Undaunted the K-PAX/3R Racing crew kept adjusting his Porsche and Randy kept trying and later in the session on his 10th lap Pobst moved up to 3rd with a time of 49.415.

“I didn’t get it right on my first lap when the tires were cool and the best they were going to be,” Pobst said of his qualifying session.

“I kept coming in and working with my crew chief Will Moody and we would make some changes and I would go back out. We kept making changes and making the car better but by the time we got it right the tires were pretty hot. I never like losing the pole to anyone but if anyone else has to win the pole I am glad that it is my teammate.

Pobst eventually recorded his best lap on his 13th tour of the track with a lap time of 49.354 seconds but he and Moody kept on trying and on his final lap Pobst turned in a 49.365 which was the 4th best time of the session and on hot tires!

“The nice thing about a short track like this is that you can get in several laps and we kept working on the car,” Pobst concluded. “We really got the car working great by the end of the session so my K-PAX Porsche should be great for the race!”

“My K-PAX Porsche is really good right now so we will see what happens in the race,” Galati concluded of his stellar qualifying run. “The team did a great job setting up the car today!”

Robb Holland of Denver Colorado qualified his Motorsports Gallery/K-PAX Porsche GT3 Cup car into 17th position for his second GT race of the year as he continues to learn his new car.

The K-PAX/3R Racing Porsches will lead the SCCA SPEED World Challenge GT cars in their traditional standing start under the lights at Lowes Motor Speedway at approximately 8:45 PM eastern time after the conclusion of NASCAR’s Nextel Cup qualifying.

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