TEAM NEWS: Gigliotti and Peterson qualify their LG Motorsports Corvettes 5th and 16th for Round 4 of SPEED WCGT race at Lowes Speedway

Photo by John Thawley Charlotte N.C. (May 24, 2007): Lou Gigliotti, of Dallas Texas, was the top Chevy today as he qualified his LG Pro Long Tube Headers Chevy Corvette C6 in 5th position today for Round 4 of SCCA Pro Racing’s SPEED World Challenge GT Championship Series here at Lowes Motor Speedway. Doug Peterson struggled as he qualified 16th in the Urban Assault – The Movie Chevy Corvette C6.

Lou Gigliotti figured that he got everything he could out of his black and yellow LGM Corvette this afternoon.

“The car was awesome and I’m loving it,” Gigliotti said. “I found a good clean space and put in a good lap. I went as fast as I was going to but unfortunately this is the second straight race where the Porsches and Vipers pretty much have the field covered.”

After his first pass Lou was 4th with a time of 49.813 seconds but was losing positions as some competitors started improving their qualifying times.

“I was in 4th place but losing positions so after the tires cooled down we changed the tire pressures, made some adjustments and went back out for another qualifying lap and got myself back up to 4th,” Gigliotti said of his second attempt which would be bettered by Pobst’s Porsche late in the session.

Gigliotti indicated that he didn’t make another attempt late in the session to conserve his tires for the race and because he felt that he had gotten about as much as he was going to get out of the track and his tires.

“The Toyo tires are good when they heat up but they are never better than they were when they are cold so there wasn’t any sense in going out again,” Lou explained. “I went as fast as I was going to and 40 laps around this track is a long time and a lot can happen. In fact it already has so we are just going to see how the race shakes out.”

Doug Peterson, of Bonita Springs Florida, had his worst qualifying run of the season as both he and his 3 Dimensional Services Corvette struggled.

“We’re almost mediocre, I’m driving like an old man,” joked Peterson trying to maintain his sense of humor after a less than satisfying day thus far. “The problem is 50% me and 50% car right now. I am trying to rush everything right now and getting in too deep into the turns.”

Doug’s only oval track experience is in the lighter open-wheeled Formula Mazda cars and he is finding the transition difficult on this track.

“Doug is used to trail braking on that formula Mazda car and that doesn’t work very well with these cars on this type of track,” Gigliotti said.

“We are going to keep working on it and try to do a lot better in the race,” Peterson concluded positively.

The LG Motorsports Corvette C6s of Lou Gigliotti and Doug Peterson will clash with the rest of the SCCA Pro Racing SPEED World Challenge GT competition on the banked oval track of Lowes Motor Speedway tonight at about 8:45 PM Eastern Time or when NASCAR’s Nextel Cup qualifying is completed.

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