Photo by John Thawley Los Angeles, California, May 14, 2007: The US Sports Car Invitational delivered by Luggage Express scheduled for May 18-20 at Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway, California will be the home race for the Los Angeles based team, Luggage Express Team Sigalsport BMW. This race will be the fifth round of the 2007 Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series.

Sigalsport BMW will celebrate its third racing anniversary on Sunday and the California team will be looking for the ultimate result at Laguna Seca in front of their home fans. The team has prepared a winning race car for Laguna Seca and everyone will have great expectations there.

Matt Alhadeff will celebrate his second racing anniversary at Laguna Seca. Matt started to race with Sigalsport in 2005 and went from driving a GT to a Daytona Prototype in only two years. "I feel a lot better than I did the first time I came to Laguna Seca!" declared Matt Alhadeff. "All the seat time I have had is really paying off and I have more confidence in myself every time I get in the car. The Sigalsport Team has moved at a very fast rate and I am just trying to keep up with the learning curve... Every time I start to get comfortable we end up racing in a higher class and the stakes and expectations keep increasing."

Matt co drove the 05 car to victory with Bill Auberlen a month ago at Homestead. "My goal is to win again. I had been anxiously awaiting the taste of victory and man, it felt so good. There was no luck involved in that one and this team has the chemistry and talent to produce great results. Once you realize you can win in DP against the best teams in sports car racing I think the sky is the limit, and you know it can happen again and again" Alhadeff added. "I have learned so much over these last few years I know I can handle it. Bill will be there on Thursday to set up a baseline and I will take it from there. He and I usually agree on the handling characteristics of the car so I know what he will be looking for come race time. If I am wrong I'm sure he will be the first one to tell me but I'm not too worried about it" said Matt.

Like Matt, Bill Auberlen will do everything to take the Luggage Express car to the winner's circle at Laguna Seca. Bill Auberlen is one of the top ten sports car drivers in the world and the winningest endurance driver on the planet. Bill's career has been packed with awards and accomplishments. He has earned 72 victories and 136 podium finishes on the way to winning 6 sports-car racing championships. Four of those championships came in three consecutive years, from 2002 to 2004 with Ferrari and BMW. His career accomplishments include 53 pole positions, 41 with record qualifying laps; and 62 fastest race laps, 48 of which were records. He has set 102 series and track records during the past 15 years.

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