Photo by John Thawley Pulling out all the stops on the last lap of this evening's qualifying session, David Brabham brought it home for Highcroft Racing, capturing the overall and P2 class pole with a lap time of 1.01:824. With tonight's result, Brabham adds the P2 class pole capture to his other six pole wins in the GT1, GT2 and P1 categories, becoming the only driver in ALMS history to capture the pole in all four classes.

The top time was especially impressive given David's spin in the last few minutes of the session at the hairpin turn. He not only managed to recover rapidly, but went on to best Alan McNish in the Audi and place the #9 Acura ARX-01a firmly in first place overall and in class by six one-thousandths of a second.

"That the team made two quick changes on the car during qualifying and I was able to get back out and get that last lap is a great illustration of how well the team is working together." said Brabham. "This result is big for Highcroft Racing and Acura."

Team owner Duncan Dayton could well be described as jubilant when the Highcroft Acura pulled in at the end. "Everyone has been working so hard, for so long, and to have this result is a huge shot of confidence. We know we have a great team, but this kind of affirmation is beyond words. I am so proud of how this team has come up to speed in such a short amount of time. David drove incredible laps tonight, but it's also the guys behind the scenes who came together to make this kind of outcome possible."

This is the second pole in a row for Acura, with Andretti Green taking the honors in qualifying at last week's Long Beach Grand Prix.

Brabham, who has driven at the Houston track before, "felt pretty confident coming into this race. Right out of the box, we were in the top 3 or 4. We just needed that last little bit extra to get the pole today." As far as track conditions, Brabham noted "This track is tricky with all of the bumps and it can be tough to figure out the setup. I really like the course as opposed to some of the other drivers. I drove here last year and the track is actually smoother this year."

Because the course demands different braking styles on each turn, getting it just right is a challenge, but according to Brabham, the key to winning tomorrow is to "get a good start, run fast, consistent laps and stay out of trouble." The race airs on CBS on Sunday, 4/29, at 1:00 pm EST.

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