Rock Around The Clock…

Or… take a couple months off. Your call. Sorry…. this 11 week gap in the ALMS schedule is simply unacceptable. I thought about it and thought about it. And then… it arrived. And like unwelcome relatives, it refused to leave. Dear Braselton… FIX THIS. This is not good for anyone… except MAYBE the ACO and a handful of teams (a tiny hand) that can afford to jump the pond. Given this intrusion to the racing, the marketing and any effort of building momentum to the Series championship, it’s time the ALMS stopped playing Punch and Judy to the ACO.

Ok… I’m done with that.

Thanks to Stephen Errity and Ed Fahey for keeping the wire alive with news from the European sports car racing community. They’ve shipped over a treasure trove of words and pictures… none less cooler than a pre Le Mans interview with Alan Mc Nish. They also sat down with a few hearty privateers and got up close and personal with what is being dubbed as the Le Mans warm-up race, the ILMC points race at Spa.

Our old friend Peter De Lorenzo has some thoughts and reflections on the endeavors of Corvette racing and the ongoing endeavor at Le Mans. Great stuff as always.

And if any of you had a BMW M3 fly by you lately, it might have been our in-house test pilot, David Haueter. Check out his review and see how the street car stacks up to it’s on-track relative.

So… do a little reading. Rest up and get ready for an awesome 24 Hours of Le Mans. We’ll be back with you shortly and resume our ALMS coverage after Lime Rock.

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